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Cumberland Receives $1.8 Million for Dunsmuir Corridor Wastewater Project

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Thanks to joint funding from the governments of Canada and British Columbia, Cumberland will receive up to $1.84 million in funding for new wastewater infrastructure. Through the project, new sanitary sewer and storm sewer lines will be installed through the Dunsmuir Avenue corridor.

These upgrades will reduce the quantity of storm water entering the sanitary sewer system and, ultimately, the wastewater treatment system, reducing treatment plant operating costs. The upgrades will also help the Village meet current standards for sewer discharge.

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Project Scope

The project includes installation of new sewer, storm sewer and water lines along Dunsmuir Avenue from Second Street to Seventh Street; and for one block each of Fourth Street, Fifth Street, Sixth Street and Seventh Street. This project includes full road restoration.

Sidewalk surface, curb and gutter restoration will take place where sidewalks are disturbed for lateral installation. The Village will be exploring funding options for reconstruction of sidewalks and other features in the commercial core.


The governments of Canada and British Columbia are both contributing up to $922,521 to the project, for a total contribution of over $1.8 million. The Village of Cumberland will contribute the remaining $923,000.

The majority of the Village’s share in the amount of $708,000 will come from developer cost charges, and $196,650 will come from developer amenity funds. The remaining $17,780 will come from utility fee reserves, which have been paid by those connected to the sewer system. There will be no property taxes collected to fund this $2.7 million project.

Project Timing

Construction will start as soon as possible once the detailed design is completed and the project has been put through a competitive tender process. The project timing is dependent on the working months of the local asphalt plant. The underground service work can be done through the winter and spring and the Village hopes to avoid construction during the summer season.

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