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Fall Tree Works for Parks and Street Trees

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A tree maintenance and trimming program is taking place this fall to improve the health of trees in parks and streets and to remove dangerous trees. Please stay clear of tree trimming areas. Where trees are being removed through this program, new trees will be planted later in the fall or spring.

See below for locations and anticipated schedule of works:

Village Park An alder tree next to the horseshoe pitch has a heavily damaged base. It is leaning directly over the adjacent shelter and will damage it when the tree fails. This tree has also been heavily pruned on the north side by BC Hydro. While the tree will be removed the logs and wood chips will go to the restoration project nearby and several new trees will be planted there in its place this fall. Week of September 20-24.
The locust/acacia tree next to the Village Park playground will receive significant pruning to reduce its weight and promote healthy new growth, while preserving its shade values. During these works sections of the playground may be closed for public safety. Week of September 20-24.
Three weeping willows are due for a structural clean up and pruning. This work may look drastic but willows respond well to heavy pruning and the branches should grow back better than before. Late Fall 2021
No. 6 Mine Park Several cottonwoods have concerning defects including leans and damaged stems and will be removed. These removals will be spaced out over several years to limit park aesthetic impacts and to monitor tree response over time. As compensation for the loss of canopy cover several new species of trees and many other shrubs and ferns will be planted in designated restoration zones in the park this fall. 2021 works expected to commence week of September 20-24.
Coal Creek Historic Park –

No. 1 Japanese Town Historic Site

The iconic old cherry tree at the entrance to the main park will receive a significant pruning of dead wood. This reduction will result in a cleaner looking tree and may help to produce healthier regrowth. Late Fall 2021
Dunsmuir Avenue Street Trees Village staff will undertake street tree pruning along Dunsmuir this fall and into spring 2022. The pruning will aim to lift branches away from sidewalks and away from business entrances. Late Fall 2021
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