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Holiday Recycling Tips and Tricks

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Holidays often bring additional packaging and paper recycling compared to the rest of the year. Here are a few extra tips to help keep your celebrations festive and tidy.

There are lots of materials that are recyclable at depots like the Encorp Return-It depots and the Comox Valley Waste Management Centre. Check with the Recycling Council of BC for more information.

  • batteries,
  • foam packing (no foam peanuts),
  • plastic bags and overwrap,
  • flexible plastic packaging, and
  • electronics.

Plastic Wrapping, Ribbons and Bows

Glitter can add a special festive touch however, did you know that most glitter is made from plastic? Very tiny, can’t-recycle pieces of plastic. Now you might say, “Oh, well it’s easy to just not buy glitter,” but don’t forget that it can be part of greeting cards, wrapping and other seasonal items.

Plastic ribbons and bows, and foil gift wrap is not recyclable.

When We Have to Say No at the Curb

Occasionally, there are items that may appear to be recyclable in your curbside collection, but don’t belong in there. Common items that get mistakenly put in your curbside collection this time of year include:

Find out more about curbside recycling and a full list of what is recyclable in your curbside container.

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