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Council Meeting

Meeting 8/18/R

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Item 6.2 attachments: Coal Valley Estates Phase 7 and Phase 7 Offsite Watermain Site Plan

Item 6.3 attachments: 2727 Dunsmuir: Heritage Alteration Permit drawings

For a complete list of items on the agenda, view the links above. Some highlights include:

  • Delegation regarding liquid waste management
  • 2727 Dunsmuir Ave Development Project and Parking Variance
  • 2018 Liquid Waste Management Plan Wastewater Treatment Options
  • Servicing Agreement – Coal Valley Estates Phase 7
  • Heritage Alteration and Development Variance Permit – 2727 Dunsmuir Ave
  • Development Permit Comox Valley Regional District – Comox Valley Waste Management Centre – 3699 Bevan Road
  • Development Variance Permit Application – 3268 Fifth Street
  • Development Variance Permit Application – 3208 Fifth Street
  • Water, Sewer, and Storm Water Service Frontage Tax Bylaw Amendments