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Notice of Zoning Bylaw Amendment 3699 Bevan Road

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It is proposed that a public hearing not be held for Zoning Amendment Bylaw 1165, 2022 as the proposed zoning amendment bylaw is consistent with the Official Community Plan.

The general intent of Bylaw 1165 is to rezone the land from IGR Industrial Greenways Reserve and I-2 Heavy Industrial to I-4 Refuse Industrial permit for the construction of a secondary leachate pond at the Comox Valley Waste Management Centre.

The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) recently expanded the Comox Waste Management Centre property by purchasing land to the north and consolidating it with the existing parcel. The rezoning would permit use of the newly acquired land for a secondary pond to capture leachate – formed when rainwater mixes with solid waste. Additionally, the CVRD plans to pursue waste management auxiliary uses in the future such as diversion activities associated with the landfill.

An onsite leachate treatment facility was constructed as part of a new engineered landfill cell. While the annual leachate flow rate is processed by the plant, large seasonal fluctuations in the winter can cause strain on the system. With construction and opening of the new landfill cell scheduled for 2022, additional buffer capacity is required to handle the large seasonal rain fluctuations. The secondary leachate holding pond planned for the land to be rezoned will be used to handle intense rainfalls. This will permit the treatment plant to run at a more steady state throughout the year. In the future, as new cells are opened, older cells will be closed. This will limit additional leachate generation.

The property has a frontage to Bevan Road of 198 metres. The Village is working with the CVRD to register a 6 metre wide statutory right-of-way along Bevan Road as an alternative transportation corridor. Any future subdivisions planned along Bevan Road will add further sections to that corridor. The long term vision is a continuous alternative transportation corridor that will connect to the Village to the Bevan Industrial lands and, from there, to the trail network along the Puntledge River.

The Zoning Amendment Bylaw will be introduced for first and second reading at the February 14 Council meeting.

A public hearing is not required since the rezoning is consistent with the Official Community Plan land use designation for the land under application.

The proposed bylaw will be considered for the first and second readings on February 14, 2022. For more information view our Council meetings page.

View the draft version of Bylaw No. 1165, 2022.

Written Submissions

Send in a written submission by 2 p.m. on Friday February 14, 2022 by email to or to the Village Office at 2673 Dunsmuir Ave, Box 340 Cumberland BC, V0R 1S0.

All submissions will become part of the public record and will be made available on the internet.

For more information, call 250-336-2291 or email

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