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Phase Two of Village Upgrades Project Wraps Up Until Spring

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After five months of work resulting in significant improvements to the main entrance to the Village and the route to the Comox Valley Waste Management Centre, construction has wrapped up for 2017. Landscaping will continue for the next few weeks, which may have an intermittent impact on traffic.

The contractor was able to finish the planned work ahead of schedule. The long, hot, dry summer contributed to the speed at which the work was completed, as did the courtesy extended by Village residents and visitors.

Construction crews will return in spring 2018 to complete the wetlands section of Cumberland Road. This area is being allowed to settle over the winter months. In the spring a stable base will be prepared, and the newly-widened roadway will be paved. Until then, the cement block barrier will remain in place.

In addition to paving the last section of road, the spring 2018 work will include finishing the dedicated bike lanes and adding landscaping touches along this area.

“We know this phase of the project has been particularly challenging for Cumberland Road businesses and residents surrounding the construction zone and we thank the entire community for its patience and understanding,” said Mayor Leslie Baird.

“Improving underground infrastructure and roads is a key priority for Village Council, and this marks another important milestone for our growing community,” she added.

The Village Upgrades project is part of a long-term Village commitment to improve Cumberland’s infrastructure. The Cumberland/Bevan Road phase involved widening the road and shoulder, improving drainage, replacing water lines, and adding new base materials, asphalt paving, sidewalks, and bike lanes.

For more information, view the Village Upgrades page.

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