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Snow and Ice Control in the Village

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With the winter season upon us, the Village is seeking the cooperation of residents, as well as property and/or business owners to control snow and ice on the sidewalk in front of your property.

When the snow is falling, the Village’s priority is snow plowing and ice control on arterial and collector roads. The Village relies on property owners and occupiers to remove snow and ice on sidewalks in front of their properties and businesses, including owners of vacant parcels. The requirement for property and business owners to control snow and ice on the sidewalk is in place under the Prevention of Bylaw 870 Prevention of Public Nuisances.

Your efforts will help all residents get around the Village safely, from school children to seniors. It will also enable the Village to focus its resources on clearing other public spaces areas once the snow stops falling and arterial roads, collector roads, and local roads are passable. These areas include school route sidewalks, transit shelters, commercial core crosswalk letdowns, community parks and facilities.

For details on the Village’s snow clearing efforts, including the Village’s Snow and Ice Control Policy, please click here

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