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Two and a Juice Trail Improvement Project Underway

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During the winter months of 2017-18, the Village will be implementing trail improvements to the Two and a Juice trail in the Cumberland Community Forest. Work will include upgrading drainage controls along the existing trail, and re-routing three sections of trail. Reroutes will range from about 30m to 100m in length. In recent years, sections of Two and a Juice have been identified as being in poor condition as a result of erosion, trail braiding and water damage. Trail improvements will primarily focus on water management. The re-routes will move the trail to higher locations to avoid seasonally wet zones and reduce erosion. In areas where the trail is re-routed, the old line will be decommissioned.

The overall vision for the project is:

  • To maintain the overall character of the trail while increasing its sustainability.
  • To upgrade the standard of the trail to reflect the Village, UROC and the CVLT’s commitment to conservation in the Cumberland Community Forest.
  • To provide users with an improved trail experience.

The Village is taking the lead on the project with the United Riders of Cumberland Trail Crew contracted to complete the work. The Comox Valley Land Trust will also oversee the work to ensure that the project meets the conditions of the conservation covenant on the property.

Buggered Pig has also been flagged as being in poor condition. Upon completion of Two and a Juice, the Village will shift its attention to assessing options for improvements and/or reroutes to Buggered Pig, hopefully beginning in 2018.

For more information, contact Kevin McPhedran at or 250-336-2291.

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