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Village Adopts Forest Land Management Statement

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Cumberland Council has adopted a Forest Land Management Statement that provides strategic direction for the management of the Village of Cumberland Forest Lands.

The Village Forest Lands are located southwest of the Village core and are comprised of seven private properties owned by the Village of Cumberland totaling 229.5 hectares in the Perseverance Creek Watershed (the Lands). The Lands include the five reservoirs and connecting creeks that make up the Village’s drinking water storage and conveyance system, in addition to adjacent forested lands.

The management plan considers these factors:

  • land values and attributes,
  • management issues and concerns,
  • priority management objectives and actions, and
  • recommended future planning considerations.

The plan will guide the management of the lands until a comprehensive management plan can be prepared.

View the Forest Land Management Statement and other Village plans in the Plans, Reports and Studies Library.

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