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Village Receives Grant for Interpretive Trail

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Cumberland is being awarded $29,620 from the Government of British Columbia’s BC Rural Dividend Program to build a loop trail through the site of No. 1 Japanese Town in Coal Creek Historic Park, with 12 interpretive signs sharing the history of the site.

The Japanese town site and Japanese community dates back to the very early days of the Union Colliery Company in the 1890s. Japanese-Canadian residents were forcibly removed from the community in 1942 and incarcerated in camps in the BC interior. Afterwards, former No. 1 Town residents settled across Canada, many in the greater Toronto area.

Along with other locations in Cumberland, the No.1 Japanese town site was identified as a Japanese Historic Place by Heritage BC in 2017.

The BC Rural Dividend Program also awarded funds to the United Riders of Cumberland to complete a detailed layout and oversee construction of a four-kilometre destination climbing non-motorized trail, so users can access the upper part of the Cumberland-Western Trail network without having to travel on resource roads.

Read the full press release from the Province of BC.

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