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Wildfire and Evacuation Planning

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Living where wildfires can occur may put your home at risk, but it’s possible to reduce the potential impacts on your home from these natural events.

The recommendations in the FireSmart Homeowner’s Manual will help reduce the risk of wildfire near your home and neighbourhood and provide a better opportunity for firefighters to defend your home. You can pick up a copy at the Village office.

Cumberland’s 2014 Evacuation Plan provides guidelines for emergency personal to issue evacuation alerts and an immediate evacuation notice.

In the event that you must evacuate, take these items with you if it is practical and safe to do so:

  • medications
  • medical equipment including glasses, hearing aids and walking aids
  • wallet and identification, including BC Care Card, passports and credit cards
  • personal telephone contacts
  • house and car keys
  • cell phone and charger

Find out more about Cumberland’s Fire Protection Services and Emergency Program Services.

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