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Council Considering Adoption of 2019 Property Tax Bylaw

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Cumberland Council has given three readings to the 2019 Property Tax Rates Bylaw and will consider adoption of the bylaw at its meeting on April 23, 2019. Property tax notices are mailed to property owners in late May each year.

The annual tax rates bylaw sets out tax rates for each property class, including residential, commercial, and industrial. In addition to taxes for municipal purposes, the Village also collects taxes for library, regional district, hospital facilities, policing and school services.

For 2019, tax revenues for municipal (Village of Cumberland) purposes, including parcel taxes for capital utility projects, would increase by 6.75% for 2019. View more information on upcoming Village projects.

The total property tax increase in 2019 for all services (municipal, regional, school and policing) is estimated at

  • $146 for an average single-family household
  • $148 for an average strata type unit, and
  • $311 for a commercial property with a median assessment value

Property tax revenue received from new taxes from residential growth is allocated to a reserve to help pay for policing once the Village’s population reaches 5000 people, which is expected to occur in 2030. At that point, taxpayers must pay for 70% of policing costs.

View the proposed 2019 tax rates bylaw at third reading.

Find out more about property taxes and capital and operating budgets. Find out more about how to pay your property taxes and apply for your homeowner grant.

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