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Utility Rates and Charges

This page was last reviewed on January 24, 2022.

Construction costs to replace underground water, sanitary and storm sewer services is estimated at over $10 million from 2015 to 2035. Utility rates will be increased each year to fund these replacement costs and to fund important water treatment and sewage treatment improvements.

Read the staff report on 2022 utility rates and financial plan.

Your Quarterly Utility Bill

Please pay your quarterly utility bill by the due date to avoid a 10% penalty. Utility bills include fees for

  • water service,
  • sewer service and
  • solid waste service.

Utility bills are typically issued in the third week of January, April, July and October. Outstanding utility fees unpaid as of December 31 each year will be transferred to property taxes for the property.

Are you new to Cumberland and didn’t receive a utility bill?

Utility bills are issued to property owners only. Find out how to update your address and property information.

Non-receipt of a utility bill notice not exempt a property owner from late fees. Please contact the Village office at 250-336-2291 if you have not received a utility bill.

Utility Rates

2021 and 2022 Solid Waste Fees:

Use of Land or Real Property Solid Waste Fees

Effective January 1, 2021

Solid Waste Fees

Effective January 1, 2022

Residential unit: $28.70 per quarter $33.10 per quarter
Commercial, Industrial, Institutional premises: $51.00 per quarter $52.65 per quarter
Additional garbage tags: $2 per bag $2 per bag

View the Solid Waste Bylaw for more information on solid waste services and regulations.

2022 Water Rates:

Parcel Classification Fixed Charge Water Consumption Charge Rate
Residential: $55.85 per quarter $0.74 per cubic meter
Duplex Dwelling Unit: $55.85 per quarter $0.74 per cubic meter
Multi-Family: $42.00 per unit per quarter $0.85 per cubic meter
ICI: Based on the meter size shown in section 2 of this schedule $1.18 per cubic meter

For detailed information on water rates view the water rates bylaw.

2021 and 2022 Sewer Rates:

Sanitary Sewer Rate Charge

Effective January 1, 2021

Sanitary Sewer Rate Charge

Effective January 1, 2022

For each residential unit: $106.00 per quarter $106.50 per quarter

For detailed information on sewer rates see the Sanitary Sewer Rates Bylaw.

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