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Recreational Fire Permits Now Available Online

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Permits for small recreational fires in the Village of Cumberland are now available online and at the Village Office.

A permit is required for small recreational fires. Permits are free of charge and are valid for the calendar year. Permits are not valid when there is a burning ban in effect and may be revoked by the Fire Chief.

Online permits are immediately valid if signed and held by the property owner. If you are not the property owner, you will be required to submit the property owner’s signature to the Village of Cumberland Office and the permit is not valid until approved by Village staff.

Small recreational fires must:

  • Be no larger than 0.5 m in diameter
  • Be contained within a CSA approved fire appliance or a fire ring fitted with a screen of 9.5 mm (3/8 inch) or smaller mesh to restrict any sparks or flying debris
  • Be located at least 1.5 m from any vegetation or combustable material
  • Be located at least 3 m from any building, structure or fuel supply tank
  • Burn clean wood – no garbage or other prohibited material.

Apply for a recreational fire permit here.

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