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Trail Decommissions in the Cumberland Community Forest

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The Village is working to decommission certain trails and jump features near the historic No. 3 Mine Site located southeast of historic Chinatown in the Cumberland Community Forest .

Specific trails being decommissioned have been identified as a high risk to public safety and have been built in violation of the conservation covenant on the park. The covenant restricts new trail construction within park boundaries. Although these trails and features have been around for a number of years, they were build after the covenant was put in place.

Users are reminded that all trails in the Cumberland Community Forest are multi-use. Please share the trails and be courteous of others!

The Village continues to work on this project, as well as a number of other trail related projects with the United Riders of Cumberland. Other work includes land access agreements with private timber companies, trail infrastructure improvements, and the Jump Park project in Village Park.

More information on these initiatives will be announced soon!

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