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Water and Sewer Utility Rates to Increase in 2016

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With estimated construction costs to replace water pipes at $2.5 million and sanitary and storm sewer pipes at $7.6 million over the next 20 years, the Village will be increasing its utility rates in 2016. These costs are not related to sewer treatment or the South Sewer Project.

Additional expenditures are also anticipated for other water supply costs depending on the outcome of an update to the Village’s long term water supply strategy. Council recently put planned ultraviolet treatment and seismic upgrades to No. 2 dam on hold subject to the result of this report.

In 2016, water rates are expected to increase by approximately $29.30 and sewer rates are expected to increase by approximately $38.57 for a residential unit. Increases are not planned for solid waste collection in 2016.

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