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Cumberland Has a New Solid Waste Collector

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Waste Management of Canada Corporation (WM) is now Cumberland’s curbside solid waste collector.

Here are some tips to help ensure that the new collector does not pass by your solid waste.

Solid Waste Tips

  • Cardboard and box board must be flattened and must be less than 78cm by 78 cm (30in x 30 in) in size
  • Place cardboard and boxboard in your recycling container, not in another box
  • Bundles of branches must be no longer than 90cm (36in), no wider than 60cm (24in) in diameter, and weigh no more than 22 kg (49 pounds). Branches and prunings do not have to be in a container if they are tied in secure bundles with jute or hemp rope (no nylon).
  • Branches must be no more than 8cm in diameter
  • The collector will only take one can of garbage, unless the additional cans have a garbage tag, which can be purchased from the Village office for $2
  • Food-soiled cardboard, pizza boxes, and paper should be placed in your organics container

More Information

Missed Collection?

If your collection has been missed, please first check the collection schedule, then check to see if your solid waste meets the requirements through the links above. Then call the WM customer service line at 1-800-592-9995.

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