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Economic Development Strategy 2018

This page was last reviewed on September 27, 2018.

From December 2017 through May 2018, the Village created the Cumberland Economic Development Strategy 2018-2023, that will guide economic development initiatives and decision-making in Cumberland over the next five years. The Strategy was developed through the participation and support of the Economic Development Strategy Steering Committee.

View the 2018-2023 Economic Development Strategy.

View Cumberland’s Demographic Profile to learn more about the Village’s economic situation.

While the responsibility for approval of the Economic Development Strategy ultimately rested with Village Council, the Strategy Steering Committee’s purpose was to be the public gathering and discussion portal for relevant information in the formation of the Strategy.

The Committee included ten members who provided broad representation from a variety of economic, cultural, heritage, environmental, social (not for profit) and political sectors in the local community, and who:

  • Ensured that the community’s diverse interests were represented throughout the process, including providing input on community engagement and encouraging participation in the process;
  • Helped identify barriers to community and economic development in the community;
  • Identified community champions and partnerships to help implement the action plan;
  • Acted as a representative for, and liaison to the general public or other unrepresented stakeholders, as appropriate;
  • Reviewed information provided by the Village, consultants, Committee members, special interest groups and the general public;
  • Identified knowledge gaps, if any, and provide feedback to Village staff and consultants; and,
  • Made recommendations to Council.

In addition to the Strategy Steering Committee, there were two additional opportunities for additional community involvement:

1. Community & Business Survey

The Community & Business Survey Report, which helped build the Village’s vision for the Strategy.

2. Community Planning Forum and Open House

The Community Planning Forum provided an opportunity to discuss survey results, confirm strategy goals, and ask for the public’s thoughts on actions for the Economic Development Strategy.

Now that the Strategy is complete the Strategy Steering Committee has been dissolved, and the new Economic Development Steering Committee has been formed to provide ongoing support and guidance to the Economic Development Coordinator, and to ensure continued involvement and representation of the business and larger community in the Village’s economic development function.

Strategy Preparation and Context (November and December 2017)

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